Our Innovate UK Sustainable Innovation Grant Service

UK registered businesses can apply for a grant of up to £100,000 to respond to new and urgent needs in any UK or global industry caused by the COVID19 pandemic

What is the Grant?

The aim of this competition is to support UK businesses in focussing on emerging or increasing industry needs caused by and following the Covid-19 pandemic. The goal is to fast-track your innovative ideas for commercially viable business opportunities in order to better support both the UK economy and your industry in these testing times.

The grant is being offered by Innovate UK, an independent but government-funded department for Research and Innovation. They are also known for providing the well-regarded SMART grant to companies using technology to further develop the UK’s economic and global impact (check out the second-to-none support we offer for this grant).

This Sustainable Innovation Fund is even bigger in size, the budget is £55M – which is twice as large as SMART and the application window is ⅓ the time. That’s not a lot of time to turn in your application.

Who is eligible?

To receive this grant, you must be an SME, registered as a business in the UK (not a sole trader) and be working or plan to work on a project to build new technology or products as a solution to substantial industry issues caused by the COVID crisis.

As long as there is an element of uniqueness to what you’re doing, and the intended benefits of your solution are clear and can be related to COVID-19 associated disruption to an industry, you should apply.

You must ensure that you can prove that your work is environmentally sustainable or at least has no negative impact on the environment or society. This can easily be done at minimum by using some of the grant funds to offset your carbon footprint and we can talk you through that.

Projects must be ready to start by 1 November 2020. They can last between 3 and 6 months.

To find out whether you are fully eligible, you can take our quick quiz (it take less than 90 seconds) here:

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How much can you receive?

A maximum of £100,000 is available for applicants at 100% match-funding. The project you’re applying for must be between £50,000 and £100,000 in costs.

Incredibly, 10 days after receiving the grant offer letter, you will receive an instant upfront payment of up to £50,000 so you can start spending immediately.

How Grantify can help and our pricing

Grantify has had huge success in helping businesses apply for Innovate UK grants. For the last round of COVID-19 grants, we had a 100% success rate (eight out of eight). By providing you with access to our one-of-a-kind platform and support, you can write your application in a couple of days – not weeks – allowing you to spend time on growing your business, not writing grant applications, all whilst dramatically improving your chances of success (the success rate for the last COVID-19 grant was only 5-10% applying solo).

We only take two payments of £995 (before and after your submission) and 3.5% of the grant on success. We also offer R&D Tax Credits with a free tax return if you need extra cash. If you choose to engage with us on any of our other services, we will take care of you: contact us to talk about our discounted rates on multiple services.

Preparing to apply

Before you write anything, we’ll coach you to ensure that you apply for the right project idea – in a way that gives you the best possible chance of success. We’ll run you through precisely what Innovate UK wants to hear, and what to avoid saying.

Access to our state-of-the-art platform

Grantify is a smart grant application platform, created using feedback from scores of past applications.

An Innovate UK application can be 7,000+ words long, taking weeks of your time to write without Grantify’s help. Instead of asking you to write all 7,000 words – then putting you through an exhaustive process of reviews and redrafting – our platform only needs your basic business plan to complete an application.

The platform gives you expert insight and model answers throughout, so your first draft is instantly outstanding.

We’ll be on hand throughout the entire process, ready to answer any questions you have over the phone or via email.

Top grant reviewers

Once your application is complete, it’ll go to our team of Innovate UK experts for review. They cover a wide range of specialities – from PhD microbiologists to financial advisers, programmers to engineers – and they all know exactly what Innovate UK are looking for.

We’ll also share your application with our proofreaders and copywriters, to iron out any mistakes and enhance it even further. And we’ll doublecheck all of your costings, maximising your chance of success.

For all grant applications, Grantify applicants are eight times more likely to succeed than the industry average. If you don’t get funded the first time around, we’ll help with your second application for free.

Our success rate

'Their turnaround was extremely friendly and quick and we are delighted to have been awarded the full amount we applied for.'

We won every single one of our submissions in a previous round for our clients. We helped over 100 businesses apply in the round that just closed.

One of those successful applicants was Daisy from Florence.co.uk – she had this to say about our service:

Mat and Luke provided some very valuable pointers to help us with our application for the Innovate UK grant. They particularly helped us to tighten the wording to be more impactful, to focus on the elements of our application that made it uniquely strong

You can see her full review along with everyone else’s here.

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