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The unique Grantify platform is a powerful online tool that streamlines the application process and makes it simpler and more efficient to apply for grants. You’ll get detailed guidance and model answers, plus access to a dedicated support channel of experts.
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Where do good projects fail?
We’ve talked to amazing businesses with incredible innovations, who have lost out on grants due to exam board “requirements”. This happens because they’re experts on their projects, not professional writers or researchers. The bottom line is without a proven and tested process, applications get rejected. Companies also fail with traditional grant consultancies that make you jump through the hoops of: – Wasting your time reading long, open-ended instructional PDFs – Endless, vague suggestions for change – Writing it all yourself from nothing Our process was built to eliminate all of this.
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What you're up against on your own
The EU is empowering small business owners with grants of up to €2.5 million for companies developing technology or science-driven innovations. You do NOT have to pay this back.  There is no catch. The first step to winning is to identify what’s available for your business. Don’t waste time searching the internet for your opportunities, use our fast and free tool to get your results. It gives you your options in just a couple of minutes.
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We have developed a focused and efficient platform for building a winning grant application.

Our ‘start to finish’ turnkey software breaks down the complex process into short simple questions, guides you through the entire process, and builds an application from your answers that saves valuable time.

Our process does NOT require you to “piece together” the different aspects of a winning application.

Every single piece is in one place with Grantify.

How successful is it?
The results speak for themselves because the platform has increased success rates by 20x. In fact, in a recent round of government funding, 64% of all winners were produced by the Grantify platform. It works because we mark against the actual ‘mark scheme’ the grant funding board uses to ensure it passes to the highest standard. If you don’t want to waste months of your time doing it yourself under mass confusion with little to no chance of getting approved… …and instead want to efficiently create a winning application in 6 weeks or less… …then we invite you to book a call with us the moment you discover that you’re eligible.
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Take our quiz and book a free call. One of our consultants will review your position and advise on your funding options, including other suitable opportunities for you and your business.

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Once signed up, our easy-to-use platform makes everything super manageable, it shows you how to write your application by breaking down the complex process into short simple questions.

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Follow the step-by-step guidance

Within our nifty platform, you’ll find model answers from winning applications and our support team will be on hand to help throughout.

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Let the tech work its magic

The clever technology in our platform builds an application from your answers and allocates it to our experts for review. They conduct multiple rounds of proofreading and editing to improve your application before submitting it.

What does the platform do for you?
Office & Dragons

Office & Dragons

Grantify's platform made it clear exactly what details would catch the eye of the application assessors. In addition, leading up to the internal deadline they were very responsive to our...



The Grantify team has been nothing less than game changing for eXyo. Just prior to working with Grantify we applied for a grant and were unsuccessful ... Grantify's process and...

Arbor Steel

Arbor Steel

Outstanding, really helpful, highly accessible. The team gave cheerful guidance that was most effective. I’m really happy to recommend and their costs were reasonable, so it felt like a true...

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How successful is it?
Our friendly team of consultants are on hand to have a free, no-obligation discovery call with you. The first step is to check out your grant eligibility with our free self-assessment tool. We’ll then walk you through how to efficiently create a winning application in 6 weeks or less. So book a call with us the moment you discover that you’re eligible. Rounds of funding are closing all the time, so don’t miss out. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.
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