There has never been a better time to secure funding, scale your idea, and bring your ambitions to life. Grantify, formed in 2019, started by revolutionizing grant funding, following its founders securing two six-figure grants for another business. Whilst the money was life-changing for a business that had only registered a few months prior – and grants are the only non-equity, non-repayment finance option – the process was opaque, confusing, took several months, and required the assistance of myriad freelancers and experts. Grantify knew there could be a better way. Using a first-of-class automated tech platform including instructional videos by experts and model answers written by winners, Grantify breaks complex application processes into a multitude of small, easy steps and creates applications for SBIR, B Corp, and multiple other funders in a fraction of the time. Incorporating the anonymized data of hundreds of prior applications, Grantify’s platforms can react dynamically to changes in market conditions, assessor feedback, and countless other factors. All applicants also receive a call with a specialist, round-the-clock support from our helpdesk of experts, and triple-check reviews.
Instead of 8 weeks like it took our founders on their successful attempt, our applicants are routinely submitting after 3-5 days of work using Grantify’s approach. Grantify startups have access to our extensive range of partner perks totalling over $200,000 including $1,500’s of free credits for AWS, HubSpot, Miro, Notion and many more. Additionally, we can help your product development more directly, by automating introductions with a wide range of disciplines including AI, ML, blockchain, no-code, app/web development, IP/patents, finance, UX, marketing and design experts. Grantify now also helps businesses scale in a sustainable and ethical way by helping them secure B-corp certification and we help businesses gain follow-on-investment from our large investor network which has billions under management combined.

Let us help you secure up to $2 million for your business.

Dr Mat and Luke Westergreen-Thorne, Co-Founders, Grantify