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Fixie received an Innovate UK Sustainable Innovation grant, and also an Innovate UK Smart Grant. See what they had to say.

"You could waste so much time writing something that's not relevant... [Grantify] have the structure and the form that breaks everything down"

Montague-Sykes Ltd received an Innovate UK Sustainable Innovation grant, and also an Innovate UK Smart Grant. See what they had to say.

"If we’d tried to apply for the grant independently, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that we would have failed."

EQL were kind enough to give us their time to tell you their thoughts on our service. See what they had to say.

"Grantify were an absolute pleasure to work with. Incredibly informative and supportive on what frankly would have been an insurmountable task."

The Grantify Team have been invaluable in our application for two grants [securing a six figure sum]. Their guidance on how to balance an informative and articulate submission with precision data and key facts has proven a winning formula. With truly consultative advice, a fast and efficient response service all combined into a friendly and results driven capability, vLOGIX would wholeheartedly recommend The Grantify Team to any business looking to pursue grant funding.
The Grantify team has been nothing less than game changing for eXyo in [two Innovate UK grants over a six month period]. Just prior to working with Grantify we applied for an Innovate UK grant and were unsuccessful ... Grantify's process and the wonderful team made such a difference, they gave us clarity over how to answer each question, they gave us support both over email and over the phone whenever we got stuck ... This time we submitted an application that we were confident was the best it could possibly be.
Office & Dragons
Grantify's platform made it clear exactly what details would catch the eye of the application assessors. In addition, leading up to the internal deadline they were very responsive to our many questions, even through the weekend leading up to the deadline. Finally, after receiving news of our successful application, Grantify was able to provide a lot of extra details around the structure of the program that weren't provided up front by Innovate UK, which was a big help in understanding how much time and effort we needed to allocate outside of the project work.
Arbor Steel
Outstanding, really helpful, highly accessible. The team gave cheerful guidance that was most effective. I’m really happy to recommend and their costs were reasonable, so it felt like a true collaboration.
We won a sizable Innovate UK SMART grant with the support of Grantify. They were incredibly effective at guiding us through the whole process from start to finish. I feel it would have been unlikely for us to win the grant without such support. They were even happy to spend hours on the phone with us as and when we needed it throughout our application. Very impressed and we will almost certainly use Grantify again when applying for future project funding.
The Grantify team throughout our application process were really helpful and great to work with. We found their platform, templates and tools to be easy to use and understand. The team were quick to turn around responses to any questions we had, and we would highly recommend them to any start up looking to secure grant funding.
The way the sections are broken down into many different smaller questions, with further explanations to enhance your understanding, is very successful in helping you meet Innovate's requirements. For example, one section may be split into several questions by Grantify, ensuring you include all the relevant detail about your project that will give you the best opportunity with Innovate. Their service doesn’t stop here: Grantify's computers collate all your answers into one document with all the relevant headings from Innovate UK and then their assessors go through and further edit and comment on your responses, enabling you to then tweak and refine your answers. Grantify's advice is always helpful, reduces stress by breaking down everything into smaller and more manageable tasks, and their support line is so responsive, even replying late at night. Furthermore, even after your application has passed the first assessment from Innovate, Grantify are still by your side to support you through the next lot of requirements and give you advice as to what Innovate will ask of you next. I would recommend Grantify to anyone, as they guide you through Innovate's process, providing detailed instructions and support in writing your responses.
Fresh Check
The Grantify platform was fantastic! The platform provides a great method of breaking down what Innovate is expecting as answers. It also gives fantastic examples to detail how to write accurate and well worded answers. One of the key provisions of the platform is a word count for each point to ensure you do not write too much or too little on key topics. The team at Grantify are also fantastic, providing personalised feedback promptly and in general answering questions here and there as you fill out the application. They have been a very friendly bunch who have saved us a lot of time! One of the pieces of feedback from our assessor was: "This is by far the best example of a project submission that I have seen in a while under this or any other competition call." Which I really think speaks volumes for Grantify!
We have been developing productivity software for many years but it was the helpful team at Grantify who woke us up to the grants available for a project which was on the back burner due to the impact on resources caused by the pandemic. They guided us through the whole process and were fantastically responsive if we needed extra help. I can't recommend them highly enough.
It was a pleasure to work with the Grantify team on the recent bid for the Innovate UK continuity phase 2 de minimus grant. As a relatively experienced applicant for Innovate UK grant funding (3 previous successful submissions), we took the decision to work with Grantify based on their exemplary track record and their intuitive approach to build proposals based on their intelligent questioning to draw out the best input without losing the passion the client had for their project/subject.
Antibody Analytics
We have been successful with high-value grants in the past but this experience had made us keenly aware of how valuable funding-stream specific insight and guidance can be. Grantify’s templates provided a clear guide on how to structure and focus our answers to fully address the question within a very tight word limit. The additional templates for appendices were also extremely useful and saved us some time. The review provided by the team was reassuring, as it gave us confidence that we had pulled together a strong application. The team were on hand throughout the writing/submission process, responding quickly to our queries, and also supported us after our grant award with the project set up.
To be successful on our first try is a testament to the system that [Grantify] has developed and is improving. The simplicity of the forms that you asked us to fill in and the direction that you have given has really helped us to fill in the application with confidence.  We could have spent a lot of time coming up with unique phrases for the questions but your model answers were very helpful.  This has been invaluable in applying and receiving the funding and not wasting too much of our precious time
hangAIR Global
THANK YOU for the best experience and extraordinary help with our (hangAIRglobal) Innovate UK grant application! Whatever the outcome, the whole process and your input helped us to learn even more about our business and that in itself is of great value.

Grantify were very proactive to reach out in helping us understand the type of grants that are best available to us. The ease of use of the platform was of great benefit, as was the structured process and project costing template which assisted us greatly.
After many unsuccessful attempts to apply for grants on our own, we turned to Grantify, who expertly and efficiently walked us through the process.  From start to finish the team at Grantify have been a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend using their services.  We had a first time success and are now in a position to turbocharge our product.
Applying for an Innovate UK grant is a daunting process but Grantify make it all seem so much more tractable. From the moment I signed into their platform I was able to structure my time and work on the grant application and save countless hours and days with the formatting and preparing of the grant submission. Their expertise, flexibility and willingness to help ensured that we made it over the line in the nick of time. Entrepreneurs: Don't try this alone, work with the professionals!

CEO & Founder - do Applications

I was unsure about the benefit of using a consultant like Grantify initially. It seemed like a lot of money to spend on a Grant application that you can do yourself for free. However, after speaking to David Murray, I was willing to give them a go  - and thank god I did. Completing the application through Grantify was fairly involved, so doing it myself would have been a nightmare. And without the direction from Grantify on how to efficiently answer questions, I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t have stood a chance of winning the Grant.

Head of Finance - Tictrac

I was impressed by the service and offer from Grantify. I would certainly recommend their service for Innovate UK grants. The terms are made clear and it represents good value. A reasonable up front fee for a potentially much larger receipt. The submission site provided is very well structured, robust and easy to navigate. It contains easy to understand instructions and guidance throughout. The site comes with clearly set out appendices e.g costings, which can be included in the final submission quickly, as the structure is well defined and disciplined. The Grantfy team are knowledgeable and responsive, should additional questions arise.

Business Development Manager - Cellexus Ltd

This is the first time I applied for a UK Innovate grant and completing this online made me realise how difficult and time-consuming it would have been without Grantify!  So many questions are vague and I would have not known where to start. So thanks again, the platform helped hugely! Finding a reviewer highly experienced with cell culture was perfect! He did an excellent job with editing and adding some sections.

Chief of Staff -

Mat and Luke provided some very valuable pointers to help us with our application for the Innovate UK grant. They particularly helped us to tighten the wording to be more impactful, to focus on the elements of our application that made it uniquely strong (e.g. experience of our team), and to effectively present our costing proposal. Their feedback also helped us to focus our efforts on the most important elements of the document given the late hour of our application! Their turnaround was extremely friendly and quick and we are delighted to have been awarded the full amount we applied for. I would recommend Mat and Luke to others bidding for similar schemes in future - thanks guys for your help!

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