It has never been easier to secure hundreds of thousands to millions of pounds in UK governmental grant funding for your business. Money that you’ll never have to pay back, requires no equity, and that could fulfil even your greatest business aspirations.

Applications are now purely online, with no interviews, multiple rounds of application or in-person selection; you can be pre-sales or even an SME formed the day before submission. Innovate UK will give away £125 million to UK businesses this year but, despite this, hardly anyone applies. We started Grantify to make sure our customers secured this money.

We secured a UK government project of £240,000 from Innovate UK and, since then, we’ve read every application we can – successful and unsuccessful – to make sure we understand this grant backwards.

Using our expertise we have formulated a clear, straightforward online platform that guides you through the whole application, sentence by sentence, providing extensive expertise and model answers to make the process as effective and as efficient as possible. Instead of 8 weeks like it took us on our successful attempt, our customers are routinely completing their part in 3 days using our approach. We then extensively review everything pre-submission to make sure you’ve hit every key point and expressed yourself in a way Innovate like to see.

We started Grantify so that we could help others avoid the stress and hassle we went through. We secure you six or seven figure grant funding to transform your business in the shortest possible time.

Let us help you secure up to £2 million for your business.

Dr Mat and Luke Westergreen-Thorne, Co-Founders, Grantify