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How we turn the complex process into faster and successful applications that have won our clients over £40m in the last 12 months without spending months of writing

EIC Accelerator Grant
Up to £2.1m

  • Apply for a share of £800m
  • Up to £2.1m available for your project
  • EU fund open to UK SMEs despite Brexit
  • Funding for tech-based innovative R&D
  • Be somewhere between testing and pre-commercial stage of your product development
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Innovate SMART Grant
Up to £2m

  • Apply for a share of £25m
  • Up to £2m available for your project
  • Funding for tech-based innovative R&D
  • Supports new technology that could help the UK economy grow
  • Be at any pre-commercial stage of your product development
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  • The international gold standard to demonstrate ethical and sustainable values
  • On average, B Corps grow 28x faster than average
  • Grantify’s platform tailors itself to your business goals & increases your chance of success
  • Our support team help you affect real change in your business and win certification
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We’re on a mission to democratise access to grant funding for UK businesses. Our extensive expertise in funding schemes and tax subsidies, coupled with our tech-based platform helps hundreds of businesses save time, win funding and accelerate growth every year.

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Why choose grant funding

  • A grant is a lump sum of money given to a business that doesn’t have to be paid back 
  • A grant can be a great option if you’re looking to grow your business, create a new product or scaling up quickly
  • Business grants are ideal for solving specific challenges such as funding for research and development, employing more people or helping with capital costs, such as upgrading equipment or facilities
  • You don’t have to give up equity in your business, unlike other forms of investment

The problem with grants – only 3% of solo applications win

There is an overwhelming amount of information and schemes out there for businesses. Even when you’ve selected a fund or grant you want to apply for, the application is often inaccessible, time-consuming and requires a tonne of paperwork and man-hours. Yes, that is correct, without help your chances of success are about 3%!

How our tech-driven platform gets you ahead

If you work with us, we help you choose the right grant for your business and give you access to our unique, technology-driven platform that streamlines the application process and makes it simpler and more efficient to apply for grants. We’ll save you time and boost your chances of success. In some cases, we have seen success rates 20x higher than average from people using our platform.

How does the technology work?

The Grantify platform shows you how to write the application by breaking down the complex process into short simple questions, providing extensive guidance and model answers from winning applications. Our dedicated support team is on hand to help throughout as well.

Grantify’s technology then builds an application from your answers, allocating it to industry experts for review. They conduct multiple rounds of proofreading and editing to improve your application.

The Grantify platform was fantastic! The platform provides a great method of breaking down what Innovate is expecting as answers. It also gives fantastic examples to detail how to write accurate and well-worded answers

Does the platform really work?

Our platform and process have provided success rates of 20x higher than applying alone. In fact, a previous Innovate UK funding round was recently published in 2021 and 62% of ALL winners were our clients – it’s that good.

What do I do to get started?

Pick a grant/opportunity from the top of the page and take an eligibility quiz. If you qualify, you can schedule a quick consultation with one of our account managers and we’ll discuss your options. If you don’t qualify for any of the above, do check back in regularly as we’re always looking for new opportunities for our valued clients.

By far the best example of a project submission that I have seen in a while under this or any other competition

—Innovate UK Examiner, 2020


What is a business grant?

A business grant is a sum of money awarded to a business to help it grow and develop. Business grants are usually awarded by the government or similar organisations.

What grants are available for my UK business?

There are hundreds of schemes out there for SMEs, and new initiatives crop up all the time, sometimes for a limited time. We suggest visiting to see what’s available or speaking to one of our advisors.  

What is an innovation fund?

If you’re a UK-based business or research organisation, you may be able to compete for government-backed funding to research and develop a process, product or service test your innovation ideas.

What is a Smart Grant?

Smart Grants are run by Innovate UK and are available to businesses that are working on game-changing and commercially viable R&D innovation that can significantly impact the UK economy.

What are R&D Tax Credits

Research and development (R&D) tax credits are a government incentive designed to reward UK companies for investing in innovation.

Do you have to pay tax on business grants?

Cash grants are usually taxable because they are classed as a form of income. This means that once you have subtracted the relevant allowances and expenses, the sum left over will be liable to tax.

Who are the EIC?

The European Innovation Council (EIC) are part of the European Commission. Their aim is to identify and support breakthrough technologies and game changing innovations.

Can apply for an EIC fund as a UK business?

Yes, the EIC Accelerator Grants are open to UK SMEs.

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