Smart Grant Testimonials

Barry Gooch, Montague-Sykes Ltd received an Innovate UK Sustainable Innovation grant, and also an Innovate UK Smart Grant. See what he had to say.

"If we’d tried to apply for the grant independently, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that we would have failed."

Peter Grinbergs, CMO and Co-Founder of EQL was kind enough to give us his time to tell you his thoughts on our service. See what he had to say.

"Grantify were an absolute pleasure to work with. Incredibly informative and supportive on what frankly would have been an insurmountable task."


Co-CEO | Technical Director - Buzz3d

If you’re already a Grantify customer, you’ll know just how special Mat, Luke and their team of Grant specialists are. They put in a huge amount of effort to really understand our business and its potential, then helped us through every stage of the applications process. What I wanted was a service that would save us time. What I got was far more than that – they helped make our final application better than I’d ever hoped it could be!


Grantify were excellent. Their detailed templates talked me through sentence by sentence exactly what to write and how to write it. I had no idea I would be eligible for £350,000 that I didn’t have to pay back! Grantify saved me literally months of my time that I could instead spend growing my business.


Grantify were great. They helped me every step of the way and made the whole process quick, painless and straightforward. My advisers, Mat and Luke, were responsive, engaged and genuinely passionate about helping SMEs win six or seven figure grant funding.

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